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Gentle Family Dentistry & Orthodontics is thrilled to welcome Dr. Trevor White to our team. A graduate of the University of Southern California Dental School, Dr. White is both highly skilled and experienced. He is excited to treat you and your family like he would his own. Dr. White has said, “Helping people through dentistry is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever experienced. I always want to be able to provide the best kind of dentistry for my patients, and I treat each person as it’s my kids or my wife in the dental chair.” We invite you to come meet Dr. White in person!

Also, today we are going to introduce you to dental bonding. This is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can improve or fix damaged teeth. We use a composite resin to restore both the appearance and function of a tooth. Let’s take a look!

— Dental bonding material is effective as dental fillings which correct tooth decay and cavities.

— Dental bonding corrects chips, fractures, or cracks in the teeth.

— Dental bonding can correct the color of your teeth. In fact, dental bonding is often used to conceal the deep stains which teeth whiteners cannot alter.

— If your gums have receded because of gum disease and exposed tooth roots, dental bonding can protect the exposed areas.

By treating problem teeth with dental bonding, our dentists, Dr. Sage White and Dr. Trevor White,  at Gentle Family Dentistry & Orthodontics can give you the smile you deserve. To find out more, or to schedule an appointment at our dental office in Cedar City, Utah, please call 435-586-9991 to speak with a member of our team. We look forward to restoring your smile!