The Impressive System of Invisalign®️ Clear Aligners

Many patients are open to the idea of receiving orthodontic treatment to improve the alignment of crowded or crooked teeth but don’t want to wear metal braces. Dr. Sage White, Dr. Trevor White and our team can help you have a beautiful smile without traditional orthodontics by offering Invisalign® clear... Read more »

Chipped Teeth – A Guide

When you chip a tooth, it’s normal to be freaked out. After all, a chipped tooth really puts a dent in your smile. On top of the literal dent, there’s also the dent to your self-esteem that happens when your teeth aren’t in as great of shape as you’d like.... Read more »

Tips to Find Your Optimal Teeth Whitening Treatment

If your smile has been affected by tooth discoloration or tooth stains, we are happy to help you rediscover your dream smile through cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening. Teeth whitening treatment can break down staining and brighten up your tooth enamel for a smile that shines all day long.... Read more »

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder Should Not Be Ignored

Your jaw is hinged by a pair of temporomandibular joints that play a vital role in the basic function of your mouth. They allow you to open your mouth to speak, as well as chew food. Each of the joints incorporates a complex matrix of muscles and connective tissues that... Read more »

Your Teeth and Braces

Braces are a time-honored tradition of growing up. If you didn’t have to get braces in high school, you probably heard all about how lucky you were from your friends. That’s where our team here at Gentle Family Dentistry & Orthodontics in Cedar City, Utah can help. We’re knowledgeable about... Read more »

Invisalign® Can Help Address Mild Alignment Problems

Misalignments with your teeth that went uncorrected in your adolescent years can gradually start to worsen. At the same time the bone structure of your mouth can gradually change to alter the alignment of multiple teeth. As time goes on it could leave you with an increasingly unattractive smile and... Read more »

A Distressed Dental Crown Needs a Dentist’s Attention

Our dentists, Dr. Sage White and Dr. Trevor White, may use a dental crown to cosmetically restore a tooth or treat a tooth that has been affected by a large cavity or dental fracture. Dental crowns can also be used to protect a tooth that has had a root canal.... Read more »

The Problem of a Periapical Abscess

When infectious bacteria attacks the pulp at the center of a tooth, and then spreads down to the roots making a balloon of pus at the tip, this is called a periapical abscess. This can occur when a cavity goes untreated, an injury to the tooth has occurred, or from... Read more »

How Does a Professional Dental Examination Benefit Me?

Our dentist, Dr. Sage White, would like to help you better understand why your dental checkups are vital for your oral health and smile. They are vital because they can benefit you in a myriad of ways. Today, they would like to explain how the exam portion of your appointments... Read more »

Missing Front Teeth Might Be Replaced with a Removable Partial Denture

Severe dental trauma that impacts the front of the mouth or chronic periodontal disease complications can sometimes result in the loss of multiple front teeth. Of course, these teeth play an important role in helping you bite off pieces of food, while also presenting their appearance in your smile, and... Read more »