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If you suffer from frequent headaches or jaw pain, then it’s time to see a professional. This could be a sign you suffer from TMD, which is also known as TMJ. Here at Gentle Family Dentistry & Orthodontics in Cedar City, Utah, our team is dedicated to your oral health, including your jaw health. To help you understand more about TMJ our team is happy to provide you this information.


TMD is the temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that connects your lower jaw to your head. This joint and connection can often become stressed or injured. If your teeth are misaligned, this can also put stress on your jaw causing pain, which could cause intense headaches. Other side effects include, grinding, clicking or popping sounds from your jaw, a locked jaw, pain when you chew or bite, pain in your neck or shoulders or ears, and constant headaches.


If you think you could be struggling with TMD disorder, please call our office at 435-586-9991 to set up a consultation as soon as possible. We can help you with your TMD pain and talk to you about which option is right for you. So, call us today and let us help you have a pain-free smile!