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To help you enjoy a smile you are proud to show, Gentle Family Dentistry & Orthodontics provides custom dentures in Cedar City, Utah. After receiving your dentures, it’s imperative that you take excellent care of them to ensure they serve you well for many years. Follow these tips for denture care to keep your dentures and your smile in great shape:

– Thoroughly rinse your dentures after you eat to wash away any food particles or plaque to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent your dentures from becoming bent out of shape.

– Be careful to not drop your dentures when taking them out! You may find it handy to place a hand towel down or partially fill the sink with water in case your dentures sink. Be very gentle when cleaning so that you don’t accidentally damage the material or bend the clasps.

– Don’t forget to also clean your mouth after eating. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a moistened piece of gauze to clean your tongue, palate, and cheeks of any oral residue.

– Thoroughly and gently brush your dentures at least once a day to keep them in great shape.

– Store your dentures in a soaking solution whenever they aren’t in your mouth to preserve their shape. You can use warm (never hot) water or a non-abrasive denture cleaner. After removing the dentures from their soak, rinse off the appliance to remove any solution residue.

– Visit your dentist regularly for professional denture cleanings and oral exams to ensure your dental health is always optimal for dentures.

If you would like to visit Gentle Family Dentistry & Orthodontics for a denture evaluation, we invite you to call 435-586-9991 to schedule a visit with Dr. Sage White or Dr. Trevor White.